Why & Who Should Learn Android Application Development?

It has been more than 10 years when Android was first released but it is still in progress and market growth for Android users in increasing every day, More and More people are switching to Android as it is simple and easy to use and available in all kind of prices.

Why Should I learn Android App Development?

1.Most of the People Around you are using Android Mobile Phones hence using android apps! When you develop an application on your own you already have a lot of users for that (People you meet on daily basis), so you can easily have over 100 to 1000 download once you release your application.

Look Around You!

2. If you want to join a company and develop applications for them than also the demand of Android app developers in increasing even we have hybrid application development. Why? cost of hybrid apps is high, developer salaries are a little bit high, the native experience is required and the list is long before starting to develop a hybrid application.

3. Java: It is one of the most popular programming languages and a must learn the language too after python!

4. You can learn a lot from android application development it has various features and a lot of people are putting their ideas in Android applications and web apps, From design to development, from Implementing Apis to even creating one, handling POST/GET requests, using analysis, handling database from this small device! you can be an amazing developer you just need to put some efforts in an idea and there you have an amazing application.

You Requirement will increase

5. Money: Really Important point*** how much money you can make? To be honest it depends on your background like qualification, college marks, degrees, company, city and most importantly how much you know! I have experimented this I gave 10 interviews in different locations and nobody asked for my certification and from where I have done my certification! they just asked me how much I know! and that is really amazing. You can have a package of 3lacs to 7lacs depending on the factors I mentioned above, that is not bad! from 10th pass to UG/PG students, there are a lot of job opportunities for Android app developers.


6. The last but most…most important reason to learn android app development is that you would love to explore this little device and want to start a career ASAP.

learn Android App development for free

Who should Learn Android App Development?

1.You know the Object oriented concept! or at least know what classes and interface and abstract classes are, Anything other than these; you will learn here! But to get notified you must subscribe to my Blog and My YouTube Channel.

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2. You understand Java or have even created a Hello World! program in java once.

2. You understand Java or have even created a Hello World! program in java once.

3. You have an Android Mobile Phone!

4. You are looking for a career in Mobile Application development.

5. You would like to learn something new but old and famous!

6. You want to start a business on our own/ do freelancing/ take tenders/ contracts.

That’s it. You don’t need much knowledge to learn android application development, just some basics about coding and java are more than enough.

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