Android Studio Tutorial For Beginner #1: Introduction & Installation

Android is the most popular OS ever developed for mobile devices. And you know it already! Almost everybody around you is using the android phone rather than iPhone, Microsoft, and others.

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Why is That?

Simple to use! Whatever in this world which confuses men, they run away from it especially older people, whatever is costly; most people don’t buy it. Whatever they experience they remember it and when a user is using Android phone they know it is the best! Price ratio for available android devices is for all kind of people whether they want to spend less on a device or have a lot of money to spend on Mobile Phone. These are the basic reason why people love using Android mobile phone.

More users to Android Devices #More Users For your Application

I want more users!!!

What Is Android & Android Studio?

Android is Just another OS like Windows or Linux, Unix etc but the best thing about it is this can run on all size of devices.

  1. Android is Open Source.
  2. It is LINUX based OS.
  3. It is developed by Google and the First SDK was released in September 2008

Android Studio is an IDE which is used to develop an application which can run on Android OS. Now, there is a different kind of devices in android like smartphone, tablets, smartwatch, tv, laptop. For all these different sizes and functionalities of these different devices, there is a different way to do that. But that is not that hectic as it might seem. It is just as simple as developing any android smartphone application.

Languages used in Android Studio:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C++(Not Recommended)


JRE(Java Run Time Environment) is used to run applications which has java code in it! Those java made applications need java environment, compiler, debugger to run on a system so there we have to use JRE. This is just a .exe file which you have to install on your PC’s C:drive

JDK(Java Development Kit) is used when you have to develop and run your code on a system. So we have to install JDK to code with Java language in Android Studio. This kit will have all the required tools, libraries, sample code, Apis documentation, etc required to develop a java application.

Now, The first step to learn Coding in Android and deploy an amazing application or make a career. You have to Learn how to install and set up android studio and How to run your application on real devices.

I recommend that you use a real device as that’s easy and android studio requires a lot of memory to run so your emulator might not work very well with android studio running on it. So set Up a Real Device and connect it with USB.

Versions of Android

Android version going from A to Z. First two were Alpha and Beta versions

Android Architecture

Android operating system is a stack of software components which is roughly divided into five sections and four main layers as shown below in the architecture diagram.

Android Architecture

Linux Kernel

This provides a level of abstraction between the device hardware and it contains all the essential hardware drivers like camera, keypad, display etc. 


There is a set of libraries including open-source Web browser engine WebKit, well known library libc, SQLite database which is a useful repository for storage and sharing of application data, libraries to play and record audio and video, SSL libraries responsible for Internet security etc.

Android Runtime

This section provides a key component called Dalvik Virtual Machine which is a kind of Java Virtual Machine specially designed and optimized for Android.

The Dalvik VM makes use of Linux core features like memory management and multi-threading, which is intrinsic in the Java language. The Dalvik VM enables every Android application to run in its own process, with its own instance of the Dalvik virtual machine.

The Android runtime also provides a set of core libraries which enable Android application developers to write Android applications using standard Java programming language.

Application Framework

The Application Framework layer provides many higher-level services to applications in the form of Java classes. Application developers are allowed to make use of these services in their applications.


Applications are Contacts Books, Browser, Games, Facebook, xender etc.

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