Best Libraries On GitHub for Your Android Application

Using Free libraries in your application can speed up your development speed and hence saves a lot of time. Also, the benefit you are going to have is LESS CODE and Best UI/ FUNCTIONALITY. I have been using a lot of libraries from GitHub lately for my projects. So thought it would be great to share some Best and useful of them with my readers.

Android PulltoRefresh and Load More 

This Free library on GitHub is amazingly designed and works very well. Get the Documentation here on GitHub

Material Design Components in android at Github

Material Design applications are more acceptable by users because of the better UI designs and good looking components and animations on the screen. So for your next application, these Libraries may help you.

The First Library is material-components-android.All the material Components are already in this library you can take a hint for your design here. If you are not sure what material component you are looking for this post may help you.

The Second Best Library for Material Design

Progress Dialog android

Different and cool design for your users to see progress bars and downloads. The library is on GitHub is here

Searchable Spinner

I have also wrote a post about how to use searchable spinner efficiently and where you can use this. This is available on Github.

searchable spinner tutorial

Butter Knife 

Most of the developers know about this library but if you are new to android you must give this library a chance. Through this library you can bind your view with the main Activity you are working. Simply it will replace a long line of code findViewById().  The documentation and library is here on GitHub.

Android Floating Action Button 

Floating Action Button for Android with lots of features. Get Video tutorial and full documentation here on GitHub

Activity Transition Animations In Android

This Transition gives user a completely new experience. You can take a look at this library to understand what activity transition animation is? You can find documentation and tutorial here.

These are the best and useful libraries you can use in your android application. Thank you for your time! If you like This Post please share and Comment.

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