Create packages and Manage Android Project

Creating Packages is a good way to manage your android project files and classes. While you are learning it may seem to be not necessary because there are not much activities and classes which you are going to use for a small project or while learning. But keeping this in practice can save you a lot of time while you are working on a large Project.
Packages are just a folder whom you can name anything according to the type of files you are going to keep in them. This is similar to creating folders in your Pc for keeping photos, videos, songs or documents. So here in the android studio, we are going to make four packages for:

  1. Activities
  2. Validation
  3. Connection
  4. Pojo classes

Watch my video to learn how to create packages and refractor files (java files) into them.


  1. Create at least two java files before making a package.
  2. Use the name of the package according to the type of file you are going to keep in it.
  3. Just refractor files in your packages and all the other changes will be made automatically.
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