Linux vs. Windows

Every Programmer faces a situation where they have to choose one Linux or windows. However, we hear that Linux is more secure and also that windows are easy to use. But what kind of security Linux is offering but windows are not? Nice Question you have!

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Let’s look at the features of both Linux and windows

Virus and Malware

Microsoft windows are most likely to be affected by viruses. they have a large user base and multiple cooperates dependent on them for developing applications and selling them online. Microsoft has taken large security majors over the years but is it more secure than Linux. no!,
Linux is highly secure and is open source too; which makes it easier to identify and repair vulnerabilities.

Large Scale

Microsoft has a very large scale of development, a different type of applications and what not? they provide a great support both online and offline support to its users.
Linux just provides online support to its user with a lot of documentation.


Windows are used by business organizations, gamers. It does not run on older hardware. Windows updates are hectic and a person has to think a lot before switching from one version to another like me! I am working on windows 8.1 only. I don’t find windows 10 easy to use!
Linux is used by every type of organization for system security, code security etc. Hence Linux is open source and free, people like to move to Linux.


Microsoft will give an experience of  “Ready to eat pancake” everything is well designed and easy to use. UI is very good and personalization too. If a person does not have a lot to work and hide, you can use windows. It gives the best experience till now.
Linux whereas is love of many coders! it is secure has a beautiful environment. whenever I work on Linux there are fewer chances of distraction. Linux command line learning is good for every programmer. If you want to be good at something related to the computer you must choose Linux.
“Don’t like the power and flexibility of Linux. For example, With Windows when you try to delete a file which is in-use it will complain ‘Already in-use, can’t delete’. Even after searching with ‘Task manager’ or reboot. You might strangely still receive the same message. But Linux provides simple commands to figure to which process is using these files. And kill/stop process to achieve your goal of removing a file.”


No doubt windows only application will only run on windows. so if you are using Linux you can not use that application. Linux does not have an easy process for any software installation. sometimes when I install new software on Linux I feel like a new baby in the computer world. maybe because of i just started, but yeah it is difficult.
Want to pay for software like ‘Anti-Virus’ or other ‘Office’ documents. Unfortunately, Linux comes with Free softwares.
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